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Classic, versatile and unisex. The Town and Country Tote is chic enough for the city and simple enough for the country. Our bags are made with love in the United States. The Town and Country baby tote looks like your preppy tote on the outside, but is an organized bag on the inside. 


The story of the Town and Country Baby Tote started like all great ones do, with a gift from a dear friend. A canvas tote bag for my son’s birth, to be exact. I loved it. Simply adored it. Carried it with me everywhere I went, from the supermarket and the playground to even vacations. But when flying with a toddler, being able to find what I wanted quickly from a jumbled mess was next to impossible. I realized there had to be a way for something so perfect in size and looks to also be organized and practical. I could have gone the cute baby bag route but instead decided to design the bag I wanted: A classic tote with a removable organizational insert. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Lexa Clarke

Designer & Owner



Organized tote with our removable insert

Organized tote with our removable insert